Friday, 11 December 2015 - OUR STORY

The idea behind started from nothing but the very idea of the love and bond between a parent and their child. Sometimes we forget in life that there is something that does not wait for us under any circumstance and that is 'Time'. During our busy schedules, meetings, events and responsibilities one thing that constantly keeps us worried is our aging parents. As and when we age, our parents are also aging. Many circumstances and situations in my life accumulated for a while that gave me the idea to start this venture with my husband. 

Growing up, I have always seen both my father and mother worried about their parents. Being away from town and settled at another district in Kerala itself skyrocketed their worry. Dad was always worried about his mother's Diabetes and BP and my mum was always worried about her mother's heart condition. They literally had to travel all the time for over 5-6 hours by car to get them to do their routine health checkups or to take them for periodical doctor appointments.

After I crossed age 23, I travelled across the shores to the UK to pursue my Masters and was working there for a couple of years. There were so many situations in my life when I got nervous and worried about my parents living in India, both of them have their own set of health issues. During the year 2013, I received a call from India from my brother asking me to travel to India immediately as my mother was admitted at the hospital for an emergency surgery on her right knee. My mother had been suffering from knee pain for a very long time and kept it all to herself without telling anybody. When it reached a stage where she could not bear it anymore, she asked dad to take her to the doctor. The Orthopaedic Surgeon told my family that my mom's right knee cap had completely eroded and her bone started twisting without support. Doctor admitted her immediately stating that she needs to undergo knee cap replacement surgery. 

Travelling was hard for me considering the distance, lack of seats on flights, difficult to obtain leave off-work, etc. However, I managed to get flights but all my flights ended up cancelled and re-routed. Finally, I ended up getting a connection via Maldives. I was jet-lagged, exhausted, petrified and worried about my mother, but along with all the unfortunate flight events, I ended up falling down in Maldives and break my right ankle as well. With a crepe bandage which I managed to obtain from Maldives airport, I finally reached Trivandrum airport and was taken directly to the hospital where my mother was admitted. It took me 6 flights to reach Trivandrum Airport from the UK. After speaking to my mother's surgeon, one thing that he told me was, "We cannot get back eroded bone, however, had we known about this earlier, my mother could have taken medication to prevent further eroding which could have ultimately saved her from getting a surgery". She still continues to take medication for her left knee cap, which had partially eroded. Talking about my injury from Maldives airport, well let's just say, I had a metal put into my ankle along with 10 screws and needed help and support for several months and finally, after 2 years, last March 2015, the metal got removed from my ankle.

Myself with my parents

This incident of my mother's surgery stuck with me for a while until my dad got ill and admitted in the year 2014 while I was still in the UK. He was admitted at Medical ICU and I was not informed about it for couple of days. I often persuaded my parents to do a health checkup, but they always refused and said that they are perfectly fine. While speaking to a couple of my friends, they also said that they also faced the same dilemma while asking their parents to go for health checkup or even for doctor visits. This is when I thought I need to do something about this and kept the thought with me for a while until I got married. 

My husband Sujit Nair with Daddy and Mummy

After getting married and coming to Bengaluru to settle with my husband, I constantly kept hearing Daddy (my Father-in-law) talking about how he used to travel to Kerala every month to take his parents for their routine health checkups or doctor appointments and how he used to get worried about them since he was settled in Bengaluru.

When parents are ill or if they have health issues, we are often worried, nervous and upset. Sometimes we are in a situation where we cannot do anything about it especially if we live in another place or country. This affects our peace of mind, our family life, our job.. because at that time all we want is to take care of them and ensure that they are healthy and happy. Our loved ones health and happiness is our peace of mind... and I am sure many of you can relate to me as well.

These circumstances and situations gave me the visual idea to start this venture to make it convenient and easy for children, family and friends to book health checkup for themselves or their loved ones irrespective of where in the global world they might be. I did not just want to highlight Allopathic treatment through this platform and thus wanted to bring in all possible medical systems here including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Acupuncture etc., where consumers can get a choice on what they prefer to book for themselves or their loved ones. From the incidents that happened in my life, one thing I was sure of was, we never pay attention to our vitals or pay deserved attention to doing our health checkup. Periodical health checkup ensures us and our loved ones peace of mind. 

If we persuade our loved ones to take their routine health checkup they often refuse... however, booking one for them ensures that they do it irrespective.

We believe that health is a gift. Often when we gift our friends and family, we opt for expensive accessories, clothes, perfumes etc. as a gift. However, we at believe you can also gift a health checkup package for someone whom you really care about. Life is precious and to enjoy the most of life, you need your health, and gifting someone a package is as precious as it can be.. which shows love, affection and how much you care.

We also believe that health packages are not just for people who can afford it. It is also for people who cannot afford it and that is the reason we have our campaign called the 'Gift of Healthy Life'. This is driven through our 'Power of Ten' strategy which means, through our platform, for every ten bookings, we intend to give one free for someone who cannot afford it. So, if you are booking through, you are not just gifting someone whom you love and care about, but also becoming a part of gifting a healthy life to someone else.

Through this venture, we believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy, happy and peaceful life. is my gift to you. Remember always that your health and peaceful life is your gift to your loved ones. 


  1. Makes sense. Given the fact how hard it is to convince parents to go for a health check up with or without us. Esp with dad...This venture can be a boon.Hope to see you making a difference.Get going.

    1. Thank you sweetie... :) I really really hope to make my venture a success in the best way possible. I do not believe in gaining thousands but the few hundreds who believe in what I believe in is where my mission gets fulfilled dear. :)

  2. Makes sense. Given the fact how hard it is to convince parents to go for a health check up with or without us. Esp with dad...This venture can be a boon.Hope to see you making a difference.Get going.

    1. Thank you my darling neethus... thank you!! :)

  3. Awesome initiative. Many a times I have to argue with my mom to take her to a hospital.People like her think everything about their health is ok until the worst happens. God bless you. Way to go.

    1. Thank you so so so much my dearest Haritha for believing in this mission dear.. thank you. What you said is absolutely true! It is difficult to convince our loved ones to go for a checkup or a test.. however booking one for them, they NEED to go without a choice. :) Thank you dear... your encouragement means so much to me. Thank you! :)

  4. Lechu...i think this is very much needed... My mom just had a nerve surgery on her hand 2 days back... she was with me in Dubai...but as u clearly mentioned she never told us until it got worse... And we were in so much worry thinking which hospital is to book appointment.. as we wanted everything arranged for her before she take her flight from we are here ans i didt want her to suffer by herself alone looking out for doctor & appointment... Hope this venture turns good for all such ppl as me ...Great THOUGHT DEAR.... Its indeed great help :) -- Sheethal Gomez

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