Friday 9 October 2015


Hello friends...

Today I would like to introduce you to my business venture, which will be officially launched very soon. It is very very close to my heart and something I am doing with the strong belief in me that it will help your loved ones to lead a happy, healthy and peaceful life. My mission is:

"Love Yourself,
Be for your loved ones,
Do your part for the world."

It is strongly with this belief that I setup this venture with my husband Sujit. As the domain says it all, it is an online platform through which Healthcare Service Providers can list and offer their Health checkup packages for FREE and consumers can discover and book the one that specifically suit their needs.  

Why did I create See the video below! :) 

Our website will be LIVE soon and will be updated through all our social media. We are normal people and I want consumers to be able to reach to us in every possible way. Do connect with us and interact using all our social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Be a part of what we believe in. Subscribe to our newsletter !!

In my next blog post, I will share an interesting story which gave me the idea to setup this venture.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful life!!

Lekshmi Menon
Chief Health Giver